Maria Teresa Gonzàlez Ramirez was born in Mèxico City in 1967. She works and lives between Mèxico City and Varese, and she has taken part in various national and international exhibitions in museums and private galleries.
She has graduated in Sciences of the Communication and Public Relations at the Latin American University (ULA) in Mèxico City (1992).
In 1996 her true passion was born and she left everything to embrace the art, such an important step motivated her to attend various courses that allowed her to achieve a better formation on drawing, composition and techniques varoius.
She has travelled around the USA, South America, and Europe, her travels created a special contact whit the most innovative artistic experiences allowing her to develop a personal artistic way judged by critics and journalists of great expressive force and emotional impact, but also of little feminine tendernesses.
She adopted from the beginning of her various search many expressive forms. The peculiarity of her poetical language of the last years is based on the idea of “LIGHT” represented by a common use material like Light bulbs, where the LIGHT-LIFE concept becomes stronger and where the visitor/user is completely wrapped up continuing, himself, that spiritual way suggested by the artist.
In her drawings, paintings and photographs Gonzàlez shows once again her great ability to manipulate in different ways materials and space; it is as if the artist wanted to wrap up her thought –“the essence of life”- in small saddlebags that each wayfarer can carry with him in his personal spiritual way to be able to use it whenever he needs it. In that saddlebag thar basic elements of life: LIGHT, WATER And DREAM are found.
In her drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures and in her istallations the artist realizes with greater force that language expressed with biomorphic morphologies that mark her latest production. In this case, iron and light, canvas and acrylic are the chromatic matter that transforms the work, expanding it in space.
The artist continues to sound the human being searching for that deep interior “LIGHT” we all possess, but that we often hide behind the most various miseries. She invites us to find within us that Light bulb to escape from the darkness and silente we are often confined to.

This is a speech of hope and faith that never extinguishes the “light” on joy and the importance of living life fully.
Her works are the essence of what her eye sees, of what her heart feels and of the scents she smells.
Her works cannot be confined within prearranged measures, but it bursts the banks like a flooding river and spreads everywhere feeding itself on everything it meets to transform it into art.
Like Gian Franco Ferrè used to say: “I want to propose the BEAUTY”
And like Maria Teresa Gonzàlez Ramirez says in her poetic language: “I want to propose the LIGHT”.

© 2007 Maria Teresa Gonzalez Ramirez